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What is the number one reason that you hunt. Is it for the trophy. Maybe it is to feed your family or yourself. Whatever the reason I put this website here to help give you tips, tricks, and products to improve your hunts. I often find that many hunters like yourself could use a little help from time to time trying to decide the best products in the market. As you know anything to do with hunting is usually expensive. So to help you find your perfect product at a good price we have put this blog here to help. So sign up for our newsletter and let’s share ideas  

the tools

If you are anything like me then you have a whole arsenal of tools that you take out to the woods with you. This is a must if you are going to be a good hunter and bag the big boy. So I made this  simple for you and went to the hunters I knew, and some on the internet and, asked them what is the number one things they cant live without while hunting. Well the list may surprise some of your die hards out there, but the tools I mention make life so much easier while in the thrill of the hunt. Also great tools for when the thrill is gone and the work begins. So sign up for our newsletter and let’s share ideas  

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