I can still remember the first time I ever hunted with a bow and was successful. My heart was about to jump from my chest as the giant came within 10 yds of my stand. I could hardly catch my breath. It was a lazy afternoon in October and still very warm, so warm that I was wearing a guille suit with just my boxer shorts underneath. Don’t judge me LOL, it gets hot here in the south. The mosquito’s were also ravaging my soul that day so I was excited when the chance came to draw the bow. It was such a rush to see the deer I had to stay calm so I wouldn’t stand too fast and spook the old cow horn spike uhh I mean giant buck LOL. The great thing about bow hunting is the thrill of being so close and seeing every twitch and movement of the amazing animal. Its also so refreshing to let the arrow fly and all is still silent and birds are still chirping and your ears aren’t recovering from the devastation of the rifle. Don’t get me wrong I still love to rifle hunt but, the BOW has me hooked for life. 


Like I said earlier bow hunting is a serious addiction probably comparable to crack. Do it once and most times you are hooked for life. However what type of bow do you start with and what are some bows that will make your day a little easier. So I started out with a Mathews BOW and I love them I shoot a DXT it is a little older but still 330 FPS and a dead shooter. I started my kids on the Bowtech Diamond series which I recommend because of the value for the price makes it a great bow to start. I also like Bowtech they have come a long way and are just comfortable to shoot and are very accurate. If you are serious then invest in one of these they will not disappoint.


Don’t buy cheap arrows if you do then I cant help but pity you. Please have 911 on speed dial as well. Cheap arrows do many things like fly like crap and end up splintered in your arm. Not a great feeling when that happens I have friends that will testify to this. I have never had the pleasure of having carbon fiber jammed into my skin a high rate of speed. It is most likely because I spend the money for good arrows. Ok so now that, that it is out of the way lets talk about the best arrow I have ever knocked in the bow. Carbon Express arrows are simply the best hands down for flight weight penetration and take down. I have found some close but none better for the price and reliability. Check them out you will love them. 


Crossbows are very cool and I mean very cool.I really like them more to shoot them and not so much to hunt. Not that they are not great hunting tools they very much are, I just love to shoot them they are really fun. These two here are my top pics Barnett crossbows have been around a while and they are just plain good. Barnett is accurate flat shooting and has wonderful construction and is a definite amazing addition to anyone’s collection. The Ten Point I give 5 stars because it is a flat shooter reliable and is a step above in the construction fit and finish of the bow. As with all things it is up to your preference but these two are definitely top of my list. 

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