As I get older the old peepers don’t work so well. My eyes are not as good as they use to be back in the day when I could shoot the fleas off a deer at 100 yards. Well maybe not that good but they really worked back then. Today I need optics that are clearer with better glass than back then. Well thankfully we have great products today and unbelievable glass that just couldn’t even be imagined when I was growing up. So, what are you looking for in a great scope or binoculars? In my opinion first and foremost is fit and finish. You just gotta love the way it looks and feels. Next, I would say reticle is very important. I tend to lean towards a mil-dot reticle. This is what I used in the Army and this is what I still love today. If you know how to use the mil-dot scopes, you have a great advantage in time while shooting. Deer don’t really like to hang out in one place to long so to get a time advantage can make the difference between wall hanger and man I wish!!!!!


You may have sticker shock when looking at the Eliminator III scope as it costs quite a bit more than your old Nikon. However when looking at features this scope really is a killer. Its a range finder that automatically calculates your drop for the shot and places a red dot reticle in the view finder for the shot. All you need to do is tell it what bullet your shooting at zero it at 100yds and you are done. The other less expensive option is one of my fav’s the Nikon BDC with iPhone APP. Still a great scope clear glass at a great price and has never left me in the field with a bad shot. Even when I have truly abused my Nikon scope it stayed true and accurate. 


Wouldn’t be a great scope review if we didn’t talk about the fairly new kid on the block. Yes Vortex is a fairly new scope company. Made in the USA with a warranty that is unbeatable. The fellas at Vortex have put a lifetime warranty on their scopes and for good reason the quality, fit, and finish of the optics is bar none. If you are looking for a great shooting, hunting or plinking scope then Vortex is for you. The glass used in these optics is almost flawless and the reticles are very intuitive. You can choose mil-rad, mil-dot, illuminated and BDC, all options of the Vortex scopes. Vortex also offers many scope objective sizes as well as first focal and second focal plane magnification options. So for a great price you get a scope that will last a lifetime.  


So you may think that my choice in range finders is a bit odd but I have always have a great deal of luck with this one. I have never been in the stand hitting the button ten million times to get a range. It works fast and ranges well every time I hit the button. The HALO range finders especially the XRT 750 has really worked well for me and has never failed. So I give it 5 stars. The same may be true of the binoculars I use but i doubt it. Of course these are the best ones in my opinion for the price and they are the Vortex 10×42 same glass as the scopes. Crystal clear almost flawless glass makes these binoculars my choice every time. I also like the anti-fog feature so they don’t fog up when brought to my eyes.

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