So, let’s talk Deer stands and I don’t mean the old stand you and your Dad put up in the tree when you were a kid. However, if you are anything like me you would give your left arm to hunt with the old man one more time. Many great hunters and outdoorsman have sat in a tree with just a couple of boards separating them from certain death. My father used to sit on the ground with a cushion to keep his rear warm and a roll of plastic to block the wind. Needless to say, once I got wise, I’d hunt up wind from the noise of what I could only compare to someone sitting on the coach eating a huge bag of potato chips. Still like I said I would give anything to hear that sound again. I will say this the man still killed deer which is crazy maybe they were suicidal I don’t know. I do want to tell you however that not all stands are created equal. So, in this short review I will give you my opinion on the best stands from climbers, to ladders, to box blinds out there.


Summit has an amazing product period. I know many of my fellow hunters praise the Summit Viper and for good reason. Its made from lightweight aluminum, strong, and the cable lock system is by far the fastest setup up I have come across in the market. I particularly like the Viper SD and the Goliath SD climbers from Summit which are both on this page you can click the links to get more detail. API is also a great system and I like them not so much for them being light because they are definitely not. They do however have one thing no else has and that is a chain system for locking to the tree. Now I know that cable is just as strong on the Summit, I just prefer the locking pin on the API and the API Grand Slam is just about a close to a Lazy Boy in a tree as you can find. Both stands come with harnesses “WEAR THEM” I have dead friends that wish they did and that’s no joke. If you like to bow hunt like me (pretty much a fanatic now) both companies also make open front stands that are amazing.


Don’t buy cheap ladders I know they are enticing because for $99 bucks you can be hunting in a few hours. The problem is this, two things really, the stands are cheaply made and are by no means strong or safe in my opinion. Number two the butt issue by the time you get out of most of these cheap-o deer stand company stands, even with a cushion your glutinous maximus feels like it sat on a cheese grater. So, I recommend these beauties from X-Stands. They have a reliable and strong frame made from steel the seats are made from a flexible material which means your butt will love you, and the best thing on the two-man stand is the seats are individual seats. All these stands also come with a four-point harness I know I said this before but you’re not a bird WEAR IT.


I do love the box blind I guess that’s because I have made so many amazing memories with my wife and children in them. I have had some very hard times in them though. You might find this funny, but I actually like to eat deer meat, and I love loin, backstrap, sausage, etc.  It is very hard for me to sit and watch mature deer eating in a field with Daddy big rack lazily grazing, while my wife and kids watch them like they are at the zoo. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. There are real hunters in the mix though I have a daughter that is already taking the safety off when she sees the nose poke out from the edge of the green field. Of course, she is always disappointed when it’s a big doe. Gotta love her style though LOL.  Ok, back to box blinds they are literally a great platform to hunt from and I have some on this page I have hunted and do a great job. I have to confess though I have building custom blinds so long that I don’t really buy them. If you want a great custom blind that will exceed your expectations, then you click here, and I will design and build for you. If you think you have seen a great custom blind, then wait till you see these.

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